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Gentle-Flex® Resistance for Swimming Strength Training

Training for swimming is both easy and affordable with a SwimMill. In fact, swimming strength can be achieved faster and for less money with a SwimMill and EZ Pool combo than any other swimming choice. The concept of a training for swimming with a resistance-type swimming treadmill is not new. But they all lack the comfort, ease-of-use, and durability our SwimMill provides. The way our SwimMill works is that it holds you in the center of the pool while working with your every stroke. The training swimming harness connectors are both adjustable and flexible - and that's the key

Unlike bungy-based systems, the Gentle-Flex® of a SwimMill creates a gentle resistance to your forward strokes. Rather than just yanking you back (which intereferes with rythme, motion and pace), our SwimMill works with your stride. Holding you in place, yet allowing enough flexibility for your movements forward. This Gentle-Flex® mimics the natural resistance of lap swimming mkaing it a better choice for training for swimming.

The harness connectors are made of a durable polyflex material that is both resistant to basic pool water chemistry and UV exposure. They are treated so that they will not dry out or become brittle after years of exposure to the sun and chlorinated swimming pool water. These straps can also withstand over 100 psi of pulling without tearing, and willl return to their original shape and form. This unique durability and protection insures that you will enjoy years of swimming strength training use.

The SwimMill is more than a harness used with training for swimming, it is a sophisticated device that uses Gentle-Flex® technology that works with your training swimming strokes.
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