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The SwimMill™ from EZ Pools, is a swimming treadmill that allows you to easily swim in place. This comfortable swimming in place harness is both easy-to-use and very economical. With a SwimMill you can convert any size pool into an endless pool without the need for expensive equipment, costly operation or really ugly and bulky machinary. This very simple yet effective device is ideal for in-home swimming in place.

As simple as the device may appear, there is more going into its design than meets the eye. It is not just enough to create a swimming in place device, because if the resistance is too strong it is hard on the body. Every time you would swim forward the harness would yank you back. This kind of resistence is very hard on the body and counter productive. Whereas our SwimMill uses a gentle resistance combination of components that work inconjunction with your swim in place strokes rather than against them.

Swimming in place does not have to be expensive or loud.
Affordable In-Home Lap Swimming

We have been offering easy and affordable lap pools for years. In fact, it is fair to say that before we entered into the market in 2003, there had never been a portable pool provider offering so many choices in portable lap pools, therapy pools, custom pools and portable event pools. But to enjoy the benefits of swimming laps, a customer would still have to have the space to place a long swimming pool or invest in very expensive and loud swimming machines. The idea behind the SwimMill is to make swimming easy without an expensive swim machine. Stationary swimming in the privacy and comfort of your own home has never been so easy and affordable.

Benefit from Daily Lap Swimming for Less

With the introduction of our easy-to-use SwimMill, you don't need a really long lap pool to achieve the same swimming in place benefits. In fact, our 7' x 12' pool package is just the right size. It is small enough to fit in most backyards, side yards, garages and basements - yet, with our swim in place harness, large enough to allow even the tallest athlete the room they need to benefit from swimming laps. And best of all, this stationary swimming exercise can be achieved without the need for loud and expensive equipment that is both cumbersome and costly to operate.

Our new SwimMill is so economical to operate, that it is a fact, that it costs you less to swim for one hour each day in your own home, in your own EZ Pool - than it would to drive to the nearest swimming pool and swim. And besides, who wants to swim in someone else's bath water - yuck! With an EZ Pool and a SwimMill you will never have to do that again.

The SwimMill also allows you to modify speeds and do any combination of stationary swimming strokes without ever stopping to adjust the speed of swimming machines.
Looking for a Lap Pool? If you go to our main website, www.reallyezpools.com, you will find over 50 different portable lap pool sizes. EZ Pools specializes in providing made to order, quality American made portable lap pools. We also offer more portable lap pool options than all our competitors combined. Features like, swimmer's lanes on the bottom of the pool, wide-mouth skimmers, tile prints, and the abilityt to make your pool any color you need. So if you are looking for a lap pool, regardless of the size you need, be sure to go to www.reallyezpools.com first.
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