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We are proud of what the SwimMill has accomplished for so many swimmers. We invite you to review the following stories and start realizing that benefiting from water therapy and aquatic fitness through swimming does not have to be expensive. We make swimming EZ.

The Reinhardt Family are not professional swimmers, but did want to take advantage of daily aquatic fitness benefits in the privacy of their own home. So they purchased both the SwimMill and an EZ Pool and were able to enjoy swimming laps every day.

You too can enjoy the benefits of swimming in your own pool, an EZ Pool or where ever you can find a pool with a swim mill.

We could post videos of professional swimmers using the SwimMill, but the idea is to demonstrate how easy it is for anybody - regardless of their level of swimming - to enjoy and benefit from swimming.

The Rosing Family was looking to take advantage of outdoor swimming activity year round (yes, that is snow in the background). So they purchased a pool from us, with a heater and a SwimMill and was quickly able to start swimming daily - regardless of the weather outside.

Really EZ Pools is able to provide you with both the swimming in place harness and the pool. Whatever your swimming needs are, you will find us ready and willing to help.

Cindy and Amy are professional swimmers, but they did not want to waste alot of money associated with regular pools. So they bought a 12' x 17' EZ Pool with the SwimMill and were so happy - they bought another one. One for outside enjoyment and one for inside when it is snowing (they live in Colorado). For them it was cheaper to buy two than heat one outside year round.

Whatever are your swimming needs, you will find that really ez pools has the experience and the ability to meet and even exceed your needs.

Great story. Really showcases how easy and accessible swimming can be. The Tuell Family had a small area of the yard that was not being used. There was really no way to turn it into an area for swimming and water therapy exercise. So they contacted us, sent us a picture of the area and we responded with "Yes, we can."

Because all our pools are made to order we are able to modify them to fit whatever space a customer has - truly a unique feature of really ez pools. So we took a standard 7' x 12' pool package, modified it slightly to fit their area, added a swim mill and presto - an effective lap swimming pool right in the privacy of their own back yard.

Though you may have only been looking for an easy and affordable swimming mechanism, we can provide you with the whole package as well. And for a whole lot less money than most of our competitors.

Thank you for viewing.

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